Bird Island
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Starfish Beach
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Bocas Beach
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Crawl Cay
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Boat On The Beach
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Cayo Zapatillas
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Isla Tigre
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The Bocas del Toro Archipelago is one of the must see places in the Caribbean and Panama. Tourists are drawn to the regions natural, untouched beauty and biodiversity of this amazing group of islands. At Island Art, we offer a truly artistic and original selection of souvenirs and fine art that reflect the beauty of the islands and make great keepsakes for tourists and locals alike. All of our designs are created by a local artist who lives off the grid on Isla Solarte.

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Bird island
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Starfish Beach
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Cayo Zapatilla
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Crawl Cay
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Bocas Beaches
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Dolphin Bay
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Sloth Island
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